The Top Information Technology Career Choices

Information technology careers are often well-paid, as the number of people capable of holding these jobs is limited. While this statement is generally true, some IT jobs pay better than others and some have a brighter future.

Below, you will find some of the top information technology careers that have a positive outlook and expect quite a bit of growth in the near future. If you are interested in a career in information technology, you may want to consider one of these specializations.

1 – Mobile App Developer

The use of smartphones and tablets continues to grow. More people are relying on their phones to check their social media profiles, browse the internet, and check the news. With more mobile usage comes more demand for applications that can operate on these devices. From applications specifically designed for internal use to consumer applications intended to work with a product, mobile applications will be used in every industry.2014072322

Mobile app developers should expect a high growth outlook and a starting salary around $90,000. For most development firms, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering. The college that you attend may also have other, more specific, majors, such as mobile computing and mobile programming.

2 – Web Developer


A web developer is a broad term used to describe anyone that develops content to be used or viewed through the internet. This could include the creation of websites and web-based applications. A web developer will often need a variety of skills, encompassing several skill sets. A developer making a web page or a user interface for an application will need to understand the basics of graphic design. They will also need to understand various coding languages, such as HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.

The pay range for a web developer will vary, based on their skills, experience, and the size of the companies they work for. For example, an independent web developer, will make considerably less making a website for a small diner compared to the development of a website for a major corporation.

Generally, a web developer should have some type of higher education, if they want to be employed at a company for their web development skills. An independent web developer could be self taught, but may find difficulty landing contracts at first.

3 – Software Engineer

Software engineers specialize in making programs for use on computers. This could include the development of mobile applications, but typically refers to software applications designed for personal computers. This could also include video game development and other sub-categories of the software engineer trade. To become a software engineer, seek a bachelor’s degree in software engineering.

4 – IT Vendors

Large companies, businesses, and even hospitals, rely on a large number of computer systems, running a vast amount of computer programs. Information technology vendors are responsible for ensuring the ordering and delivering of software and hardware for multiple businesses or just one business. When a new version of a program used by the business becomes available, they acquire the software licensing.

5 – Health Information Technology Specialist

The health industry, along with information technology, is a constantly growing and evolving industry. The health field requires a large variety of specialists to ensure hospitals and clinics operate smoothly and efficiently. By seeking a job that combines two of the most stable job markets, health and technology, you will be able to enjoy a secure career. Jobs performed by health information technology specialists can include medical billing, registration, and other forms of record keeping.

This selection of 5 top information technology careers is just a sampling of the potential jobs awaiting someone that is interested in technology. It is one of the most stable industries to be involved in and covers a wide range of fields and specializations. If you want security and high pay, then consider focusing your education on technology.